April 2020: EIichi YAGI has become President of AMADA GmbH

Here’s to good cooperation!
Herzlich Willkommen / Welcome / 温かい歓迎

Mr. Eiichi YAGI (59) has become president of AMADA GmbH with headquarters in Haan (Germany) as of April 1, 2020. In the 35 years of his company affiliation with Amada Co., Ltd. he was, among other things, active in International Operations, Planning and Marketing in various AMADA groups. After having led AMADA EUROPE SA and AMADA EUROPEAN HQ (France) from 2015-2018, Mr. Yagi held the position of Executive Officer and General Manager of Global Affiliates Admin Department at AMADA HOLDINGS Co. (Japan)
to now move to the position as president of AMADA GmbH.