AGIC – Experience solutions that solve factory floor and management issues

AGIC - energy-saving & environmental monitoring

Showcasing Amada’s proposal for the latest environmentally-friendly equipment

The Amada Global Innovation Center introduces energy-saving products and software that can monitor the environmental load throughout the entire factory.

Additionally, the building of the Amada Global Innovation Center represents the latest environmentally-friendly equipment, with CO2 emissions reduced to half those of conventional facilities. Visitors can experience the environmentally friendly equipment models proposed by Amada.

Introducing many energy-saving products

  • Optimization of machine power consumption with idling stop functions, etc.
  • Visualization of the environmental load in production processes with the latest NC and software

Experiencing the new environmentally-friendly equipment proposed by Amada

  • Optimal control of lighting and air conditioning using an AI-human recognition system
  • Monitoring of the environmental load of the entire Global Innovation Center
  • Energy creation using solar power generation

Support for DX at customer factories

Customers can experience digital solutions for comprehensive factory management, monitoring and optimization.

New manufacturing DX solutions and advanced CAD and CAM systems

  • Improvement of production efficiency with real-time information sharing between the office, program room, and shop floor, and multiple functions to support workers
  • Advanced CAD and CAM systems that make it easy to create drawings simply by tracing other drawings

Never stop customer’s machine – advanced operation guarantees

  • Machine health checks using IoT to prevent machine failures at customer factories
  • Immediate remote diagnosis in the event of trouble, provided by Amada IoT support staff
  • Thorough support to resolve the root causes of trouble utilizing various data collected from customer’s machines together with the know-how accumulated at Amada