Punching machine for Glasl Stahl- u. Metallbau GmbH

Punching machine type EMK3612MII

The company Glasl Stahl- u. Metallbau GmbH from Geretsried has expanded its machinery
with an AMADA servo-electric punching machine type EMK-3612MII 🎉.

The versatile high-performance punching machine of the EM-MII series features
an unrivaled 30-ton servo-electric dual drive and the industry-leading AMADA tool turret,
which is available in two different versions (Z- and K-turret).

These features provide faster, higher quality machining. The optional tool ID system and
integrated threading units dramatically reduce setup times and allow for even better process integration for increased efficiency. [Read more]

We wish the company Glasl Stahl- u. Metallbau GmbH much success with the new system 💪!

Our thanks also go to the companies ABELE Spedition u. Transport GmbH and Hölzl Kran GmbH for the machine transport and loading 👌!