FLW 4000 M3 – Welding Robot

AMADA FLW4000M3 Weldingrobot

Fiber laser technology is characterized by an unbeatable advantage: In addition to steel, stainless steel and aluminum, it also enables the largely problem-free processing of demanding materials such as copper, brass and titanium. In 2011 AMADA transferred this advantage, which has already proven outstanding in laser cutting, to the field of laser welding with the FLW series.

As a special feature, the optical unit of the AMADA FLW series was equipped with a patented rotating lens. In this case, the laser beam is no longer aligned purely at a point, but circles in a narrow range. This allows larger and irregular gaps to be bridged and ensures a clean welding process. Heat input into the material is also optimized. Precisely defined welding edges are produced, and there is hardly any unnecessary material buildup. This feature supports the high cost-effectiveness of the FLW series, because rework on the workpiece can be significantly reduced or even eliminated.

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