100th order for VENTIS Fiber Laser

AMADA announces the 100th European order for its VENTIS Fiber Laser featuring the revolutionary Locus Beam Control Technology ?
AMADA are pleased to announce that the 100th European order was received for the VENTIS fibre laser featuring the revolutionary Locus Beam Control (LBC) Technology, which allows the 4kW VENTIS to perform like a 6kW fibre laser, as well as bringing cutting quality improvements. Lang Gerätetechnik GmbH placed the order for the laser with a twin tower version of AMADA’s ASF-EU automation system. This milestone order has been achieved in only 2 years from the initial launch of the VENTIS.

Please click here to read more: https://www.amada.eu/de-en/more/media-press-prizes/press-release/2022/amada-ventis-3015-aj-fiberlaser/