Innovative energy efficiency: The servo-electric drives of AMADA

Never before has energy efficiency been discussed in the context of environmental protection with as much intensity as today . The AMADA Group has been raising the bar in this regard for years: With excellent servo-electrical punch drives, bringing pioneering technology to the market. The savings in energy consumption bring together objectives of efficiency in sheet-metal processing with environmental protection objectives. And even more: both sides gain considerable advantages from the use of these technologies.

Notably more powerful than with conventional servo engines
In comparison to conventional drives, the engine provides three times the operating power and a five-fold increase in torque.

Noteworthy also is the energy recovery principle: The AMADA EM punching machine series is equipped with the highly efficient servo-electric twin drive – with energy recovery. The energy that is released when the ram is decelerated is stored and then reused for the next movement of the punching machine. In this way, the punching machine achieves extremely high stroke rates while simultaneously saving energy.

With a punching force of 300 kN, the punching machine average power draw is between 4.5 and 5 kW. Taken together with the minimal maintenance costs and times, this delivers of punching machine significant cost savings.